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The judging process is separated into 3 steps:

Step 1 - Registration & Entry Process

This process requires key information about your contact center and a detailed explanation of how you excelled in relation to the award criteria. Applicants are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their submissions. There is a small entry fee for each award and we welcome multiple entries. 

Step 2 - Judging & Supplemental Material Requested of Certain Finalists

Entries are orgainized and shared with a team of carefully selected judges, reviewed and ranked according to pre-defined criteria. Finalists in the Best Small Contact Center, Best Medium Contact Center, Best Large Contact Center, and Most Improved Contact Center Categories are selected and asked to submit a 5 minute video tour of their contact center as well as submit answers to questions the judges provide after reviewing round one materials. Finalists in the Best Contact Center Culture, Best Social Media Customer Care and Best Chat Support categories are asked to submit a 5 minute video or presentation that illustrates what makes their efforts unique. These additional materials will be shared with judges for the final round of scoring. The ultimate award decision is based on the information provided with the initial entry, as well as the supplemental materials provided.

Step 3 - Finalists Selected

Based solely on the information presented during the entry process, the team of experts will designate a number of finalists for each category. Winners are chosen from the group of finalists in each category.  All finalists will be announced live at Contact Center Epxo and Conference.